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- Laser Cutting -

Laser cutting is a modern way of machining with dimension parameters similar as in classical machining. But the other parameters make laser cutting more advantageous.
Precision, speed and economy-there are some of them.


Due to higher speed, laser cutting is more accurate and more competitive, regarding costs, comparing with machining such as die shearing and casting.

Laser cutting faults:

- Large investment cost,
- There are sheet thickness limits in regards to the quality.
(Any thicker material we can process using waterjet technologies)


Laser cutting advantages:

  1. First of all high cutting precision, big accuracy and good edge quality,
  2. High cutting speed,
  3. Big energy density which cause the narrow heat entrance zone. It guarantees lack of deforming, high cutting speed and quality.
  4. Smooth and clean cutting edge: there is no need to perform any additional finishing. It makes laser cutting method much more economic.
  5. Saving of material due to the narrow cutting gap,
Laser cutting proceeds contactless, there is no wearing of tools, there is no costs for their preparing and replacing. There is no need to calculate economical batch quantity (there is possibility to cut either one item or several thousand).