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- Laser Cutting Tubes And Pipes -

In 2006 LASERTRANZ started a service which employs precise laser cutting of tubes and sections. We provide this service using the latest laser technology (6-axis). This technology enables complex and economical machining of tubes and sections without necessity of further machining.


Elements made of tubes and sections are important component parts of metal products, machines and devices. They are used more and more often, have various shapes and sizes as parts of pipelines, supporting structures, frames and supports. They can be made of semi-finished products, which are at disposal in any shape and size of section, so they can be each time matched to their function and requirements maintaining low costs of production.


Typical machining operations include cutting into pieces, cutting different shapes and penetrating notches. The use of laser enables new production possibilities. Machining without applying pressure forces make it possible to treat light-wall tubes and sections without deforming their shapes. Precise cutting enables production of innovative elements, for example attaching two precisely matched elements with snap fasteners.