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8:00am – 4:00pm

Custom Tiles & Metal Arts

Since 2007 Lasertranz Inc. added to their services cut tiles using water.

Waterjet cutting is a modern method of working materials. They use a concentrated energy stream of water under high pressure, which, together with fragmented abrasive material, cut material. Water cutter is carried out on the table precisely, using CNC technology, after appropriate preparation of design CAD / CAM.

If you have an idea for the visual change or add a personal accent to your kitchen, bathroom, hall, floor etc.. Send us your e-mail or fax.

We can make a valuation on the basis of documentation in the format dxf, dwg, igs, eps, jpg, bmp, or outline.

We will provide any necessary information on the implementation of your idea after hearing the question.

We also service cutting stone, granite, marble and other materials.
Please use our examples (you can also see samples in our showroom), or send us your own project.

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