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Laser cutting is a modern way of machining with dimension parameters similar as in classical machining. But the other parameters make laser cutting more advantageous.
Precision, speed and economy-there are some of them.

Due to higher speed, laser cutting is more accurate and more competitive, regarding costs, comparing with machining such as die shearing and casting.

Laser cutting faults:

– Large investment cost,
– There are sheet thickness limits in regards to the quality.
(Any thicker material we can process using waterjet technologies)

Laser cutting advantages:

  1. First of all high cutting precision, big accuracy and good edge quality,
  2. High cutting speed,
  3. Big energy density which cause the narrow heat entrance zone. It guarantees lack of deforming, high cutting speed and quality.
  4. Smooth and clean cutting edge: there is no need to perform any additional finishing. It makes laser cutting method much more economic.
  5. Saving of material due to the narrow cutting gap,

Laser cutting proceeds contactless, there is no wearing of tools, there is no costs for their preparing and replacing. There is no need to calculate economical batch quantity (there is possibility to cut either one item or several thousand).

Laser Cutting Flat Blanks

Laser cutting is a modern, fast and precise method for producing elements made of different grades of steel and aluminum.

Lasertranz firm offers possibilities of using this technology with highest quality machines made by the MAZAK.

Laser cutting is characterized by easiness of adapting, offering special advantages for design involving delicate and complicated shapes of elements and various numbers of products in a lot.

dges are smooth, without burrs, thus eliminating the need of repeat finishing. Moreover, small amount of supplied heat causes only minimum deformation.

Oxygen is used as a cutting gas in flame cutting. This technology is especially suitable for cutting the mild steel.

In case of thermal cutting (of stainless steel and other materials) nitrogen is used for cutting. High pressure of gas ensures that edges of the material being cut are practically devoid of burrs and remains of ash.

The use of inert gases ensures that edges often cutting are free of oxides.

Production potential.

SHOWCASE High power resonators enable laser cutting of the following metal sheets:.

– Mild steel up- to 12.7 mm (0.50”),

– Stainless steel up to 9.5 mm (0.375”)

Using oxygen assist gas,

– Stainless steel up to 6.35 mm (0.25”)

Using nitrogen assist gas,

– Aluminum up to 3.0 mm (0.118”)

Using nitrogen assist gas,

We have work table dimension

  • 1,219.2mm X 2,438.4mm (4.0’ X 8.0’)

We accept the following format of files

*.dxf, *.dwg, *.igs, Master Cam files

Copying from paper documents to an electronic file may involve additional costs and extension of realization time.

We can provide you with:

  • high quality services,
  • attractive prices,
  • short term of realization,
  • own raw material and delivery-additional cost,
  • free nesting for best utilization of material,
  • Storage of material and on-line inventory are available.

Laser Cutting Preformed Parts

Lasertranz are able to laser almost any preformed panel, pressing or spinning.

Based on experienced programmers & operators, our customers benefit from the following:

– Reduced machining costs,

– Increased design flexibility,

– Rapid turnaround of formed components or blanks to ensure that design changes or proofing does not stop production runs,

High accuracy in repeatability of laser cut parts.

Laser Cutting Tubes And Pipes

In 2006 LASERTRANZ started a service which employs precise laser cutting of tubes and sections. We provide this service using the latest laser technology (6-axis). This technology enables complex and economical machining of tubes and sections without necessity of further machining.

Elements made of tubes and sections are important component parts of metal products, machines and devices. They are used more and more often, have various shapes and sizes as parts of pipelines, supporting structures, frames and supports. They can be made of semi-finished products, which are at disposal in any shape and size of section, so they can be each time matched to their function and requirements maintaining low costs of production.

Typical machining operations include cutting into pieces, cutting different shapes and penetrating notches. The use of laser enables new production possibilities. Machining without applying pressure forces make it possible to treat light-wall tubes and sections without deforming their shapes. Precise cutting enables production of innovative elements, for example attaching two precisely matched elements with snap fasteners.

Laser Cutting For Progressive Strips

LASERTRANZ specializes in laser cutting strips for progressive dies.

We guarantee positioning on tooling holes and all elements of strip.

Also, we can cut strips up to 8.0’ or longer.

Laser Cutting Custom Fixtures And Welding Fixtures

Our newest technology let us making any fixtures based on solid model of stamped part or any 3-dimensional element. We have experience in making positioning fixtures for stamped parts, which able laser cut various opening and trim lane.

Also we have experience making special holding parts for painting lanes and welding fixtures.

This method let you lower costs and speed up turnover time.

Laser Etching-Engraving

In addition to our standards LASERTRANZ is able to etch or engrave various shapes or parts numbers on laser cutting, stamped or machined parts.

Laser Cutting Metal Arts

With our top-of state laser technology and waterjet we can make also various metal arts projects.

You can choose from our library or we can make from your own design.

We can make any lettering, flat artistic and geometric items, custom garden benches and tables, coat and key hangers, picture frames, company logos, names and addresses signs, wall artistic pictures or any yours imagination.

Virtually any material can be used: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized, plastic, glass, wood etc…